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Emergents: Genesis

Emergents: Genesis is a new multiplayer, interactive deckbuilding game launching on Kickstarter in late 2014.


Funemployed! is a card based party game that is best enjoyed with three or more people. By using several “qualifications”, which form a player’s “resume”, players compete with one another in order to “be hired” for a “job” that an “employer” needs to fill. To do so, players must create a story using their qualifications to explain why they’re the best for the job. The employer then has to decide which applicant to hire for the job.

Weamon: Weather Monsters

Collect and fight with over 60 Weamon in this new, unique monster-fighting game! Using the local weather to your advantage, you can choose to battle other players’ Weamon around you, or try to destroy the evil pollution-based Miasma which plague our planet!

Business Card Game

The Business Card Game is a game that fits on the back of a business card.

recent news

New Website Design

Sep 26, 2013

Our website has been updated and improved, thanks to the help of Yi-Ting Anderson. Feel free to look around and see all the improvements she's added to the site!

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New Content in Weamon

Aug 30, 2013

Weamon’s been updated with a bunch of new content, including the new item, artifacts! Artifacts let you control the weather for a brief period of time, which can power up your Weamon or summon others!

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Funemployed’s Kickstarter is Coming to a Close!

Aug 20, 2013

Just 48 hours to go for Funemployed! Get your copy today before the Kickstarter ends on August 22nd:

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Funemployed Kickstarter is Live!

Jul 23, 2013

Funemployed is currently on Kickstarter! The campaign ends August 22nd, so make sure to support it before then!

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