Urban Island Games was created in 2012 in order to make tabletop and digital games. Feel free to look around our website to see what we’ve done!


A long, long time ago, during a stormy night in the early 90s, one New York City school nurse had a heavy decision on her shoulders. You see, a month prior, some negligent student had forgotten something very important in her office—a new, portable entertainment device called a “Game Gear.”

She had two choices: either leave the device in the school’s Lost & Found, or, after waiting a month for someone to claim it, give it to her son as a gift. She chose the latter…and the world was never the same.

Anthony’s involvement in Urban Island Games is multifaceted–he is a game designer, project manager, game producer, supply chain manager, and much, much more.


Are you a business with a game that you’d like to make? Perhaps you’d like some ideas to improve a game you’re already making? Urban Island Games also does consultancy work, so feel free to send us an email and we can help you make your game fun and accessible to the public!