The Business Card Game is a game that fits on the back of a business card. On each and every business card from Urban Island Games, you will find one of three characters: Aria Stone, Letholdus Vane, and Skeleton.

Each character has three moves and one ability. The way the game is played is just like Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with an added element: special moves and HP.

Each round, all players play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner of that game then gets to perform the move they won with on all other players. After a move is performed, players continue to play Rock, Paper Scissors and perform moves until only one player is left standing and all other players have been reduced to 0 HP.

So, for example, if I am playing as Letholdus Vane and you are playing as Aria Stone, if I throw Rock and you throw Scissors, I won the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and get to use my move, which is Deal 1 damage. Your HP (shown on the left of the card) would go from 5 to 4. We would keep playing until one of us went to 0 HP.

In the event any players tie while playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, those players trigger their special ability. So, for example, if you and I are using the same characters above and we both throw Paper, your next throw (if successful) would deal 1 additional damage, while my next throw (if successful) would deal double damage.

Some additional rules:

-You can’t go above your maximum HP.
-In the event that a move would knock out both players simultaneously (such as Letholdus Vane’s Paper move), the game ends in a tie.
-Letholdus Vane’s Paper move, when combined with his special ability, deals 4 damage to all opponents and 2 damage to himself.
-All effects of a throw and of a move resolve at the same time, including ties.

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