Emergents: Genesis Deckbuiding Game – New Multiplayer, Interactive Game launching on Kickstarter!

Urban Island Games and Top8Magic announce the upcoming launch of the Emergents: Genesis deckbuilding game on Kickstarter, a leading crowdfunding website.

Emergents: Genesis is a new PvP, multiplayer, deckbuilding game where players take on the role of powerful superheroes — known in this world as Emergents — and battle against the other players in the game to be the last person standing. Players customize their decks based on four classes of superpowers in a fast-paced game that can be played by two to four players. Designed by Urban Island Games and Top8Magic, Emergents: Genesis introduces innovative, interactive mechanics to the deckbuilding game that will appeal to all fans of both the superhero genre and interactive card games.

Anthony Conta, co-founder of Urban Island Games, said, “We designed the mechanics with a focus on interactivity. We’ve played a lot of games that suffer from what I call “cellphone syndrome”, where people are basically only engaged during their turn and checked out mentally otherwise, often by staring at their phones. We feel that this isn’t one of those games. In Emergents: Genesis, not only do you benefit greatly from paying attention to your opponents’ moves, you have to—they’re literally attacking you.”

Emergents: Genesis takes place in an original universe by game designer and comic creator, Brian David-Marshall and features art from a host of best-selling and award-winning comicbook artists headlined by Steve Ellis.

“Long before I was involved in the game industry I started out in the comic book industry as a writer, editor, and even publisher of comics,” said Emergents’ creator Brian David-Marshall. “The opportunity I have had with Emergents: Genesis to crossover my love of the superhero genre with my love of gaming — and specifically card gaming — felt like coming home.”

For more information on the campaign: www.kickstarter.com/projects/130643118/emergents-genesisa-superhero-deckbuilding-game

About Urban Island Games
Born in the concrete jungle of New York City, Urban Island Games was founded with one purpose in mind: to bring unique and enjoyable games to the world. Urban Island Games is the culmination of the passion, vision, and creativity of NYC gamers addicted to high quality gaming experiences. This vision and purpose comes to fruition through consulting in tabletop games, digital games, gamification and the creation of its own titles. www.urbanislandgames.com.

About Top8Magic
Top8Magic is a New York-based game company founded by Brian David-Marshall and Matt Wang with deep experience in creating original content and bringing licensed content to games. The Top8Magic team has worked on a wide range of projects including Clash of the Dragons digital card game, Z-Man Games’ The Walking Dead board game, and a variety of licensed board games.

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