Emergents: Genesis

Emergents: Genesis is a new multiplayer, interactive deckbuilding game where you punch your friends (a LOT) on your path to victory. Available for preorder now!


Funemployed! is a party game where people apply to jobs. Apply for "real" jobs (like Astronaut, Politician, or Fortune Cookie Writer) with unreal qualifications (like a flying Dragon, a Time Machine, or your Sad Childhood). The player with the most jobs wins!

Weamon: Weather Monsters

Collect and fight with over 60 Weamon in this new, unique monster-fighting game! Using the local weather to your advantage, you can choose to battle other players’ Weamon around you, or try to destroy the evil pollution-based Miasma which plague our planet!

Business Card Game

The Business Card Game is a game that fits on the back of a business card.