Urban Island Games, LLC and IronWall Games, Inc. are proud to announce their joint publication of the new game, Funemployed! Funemployed! is a satirical party game where players convince each other that they’d be the best for “real” jobs by using unreal qualifications. Players pitch why they would be perfect for the job, and get hired!

The jobs in Funemployed! are (mostly) real world jobs that anyone could try to be—things like a Mime, Bounty Hunter, or Televangelist. The qualifications, however, are usually things you wouldn’t bring to an interview—a foam sword, your self-loathing, yoga pants, and an uncontrollable libido. Say anything to try to get the job—as long as you work in your four qualifications. Making up whatever you want is not only rewarded, but encouraged.

Funemployed! had a limited print run in 2014 to rave reviews and now Urban Island Games and IronWall Games are bringing it to a wider audience. There will be more jobs, more qualifications, and, oddly, a smaller box to hold it all.

Urban Island Games, LLC was founded by Anthony Conta in 2013. Funemployed!, the studio’s first published game, was created by Anthony and released in 2014. It sold out in six months, and Urban Island Games is partnering with IronWall Games to bring it back, bigger and better.

IronWall Games Inc was founded by Rob Daviau in 2012 to be a small publisher of games that need to be in print. Rob fell in love with Funemployed! in 2013 when he first saw it at a game festival in Boston and is overjoyed at this opportunity to work with Urban Island Games to bring Funemployed to a wider audience.

Urban Island Games and IronWall Games are running a crowdfunding campaign for Funemployed! during November 2014. For more information on this campaign, please visit or in the coming weeks.

Funemployed! is more than just a game–it’s the best interview you’ll ever give. Mostly because you can use the word “beefcake”, “chains”, “daddy issues,” and “tentacles” to try to score that job as a news anchor.

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