Funemployed! is a card based party game that is best enjoyed with three or more people. By using several “qualifications”, which form a player’s “resume”, players compete with one another in order to “be hired” for a “job” that an “employer” needs to fill. To do so, players must create a story using their qualifications to explain why they’re the best for the job. The employer then has to decide which applicant to hire for the job.

The jobs in Funemployed! are all real world jobs that anyone could apply to–things like a Mime, Porn Star, or Celebrity Impersonator. The qualifications, however, are usually things you wouldn’t say in an interview–like how you have a pet Dragon to help convince people of your point of view, or how your Social Media Profile will be useful for spreading your brand. The only restriction to how you use your qualifications is your imagination!

So, for example, an applicant may have to apply to be an Astronaut using nothing but qualifications like: a Magic Wand, a Million Dollar Smile, Daddy Issues, and Soft Hands. It is then up to the applicant to craft a story as to why those qualifications are best for the job he’s applying to.

Using the example above, that applicant may say something like: “I’d be a great astronaut because my Magic Wand can save us from any space shuttle malfunction, my Daddy Issues give me a large fear of failure or disappointment, my Soft Hands will steer the ship toward its course, and when we land, my Million Dollar Smile will win over the press and my adoring fans.”

The applicant that best convinces the employer that he should have the position wins the round and the job he applies to, and the game progresses to the next job, employer and applicants.

The game ends when the “My Job” card is pulled from the jobs cards–in which, for the final round, players must apply to the employer’s real life job! The winner is the player with the most job cards when the game ends.

What’s in the Box?

320Green Qualification Cards–the qualifications players use to apply to jobs (including 5 blank cards for you to create your own Qualifications).

72Black Job Cards–the jobs players are trying to become (including 2 blank cards for you to create your own Jobs).

You can see the rules for Funemployed here.

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